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Jadavpur University (JU)

Jadavpur University (JU)

188, Raja S.C. Mallick Road, Kolkata, West Bengal 700032, India
City: Kolkata
State: West Bengal
Contact No: 91-33-24146666, 24572227, 23355215
Email: vc@jadavpuruniversity.in
Established: 1955
Type: Government
Affiliated: UGC ,AICTE ,NAAC

About Institute

About Jadavpur University

Jadavpur University is a major educational and research university in India. It's origin lie in Swadeshi Movement during 1905 -1906. Bengal had been divided and the environment was filled with agitation. British dominance was needed to be dealt with iron hand. To achieve this, education had to play the role of a new form of resistance. Establishing an educational institute was set up to cultivate the best of global learning and technology, in order to build a self-reliant industrial base for India. As a result, personalities like Rabindranath Tagore, Sri Aurobindo Ghosh and others formed National Council of Education (NCE). In 1910, the Society for the Promotion of Technical Education in Bengal which looked after Bengal Technical Institute (which later became College of Engineering and Technology, Bengal) was amalgamated to NCE. NCE henceforth looked after the College of Engineering and Technology, Bengal which by 1940 was virtually functioning as a University. After Independence, the Government of West Bengal, with the concurrence of the Govt. of India, enacted the necessary legislation to establish Jadavpur University on the 24th of December 1955. Today, Jadavpur University is an internationally recognised premier university of the country. Extension programmes and several other courses provide opportunities for the drop-outs at different levels to continue their education. The University also contributes in evolving modes of digital distance education as part of the National Mission on Education. It has 2 Campuses - Main Campus at Raja S.C. Mullik Road and other at Salt Lake. Amongst the various programs provided by the University is the Dual-Degree Program, which is M.A. in Sustainable Development. 

Interdisciplinary Schools

  • School of Energy Studies - Ph: 2414-683 (D), 2414-6666 (O).
  • School of Environmental Radiation and Archaeological Sciences - Ph: 2414-6666 (O) Extn. 2352.
  • School of Advanced Studies in Industrial Pollution Control Engineering - Phone - 2414-6666 (O) Extn. 2482.
  • School of Automotive Engineering - Ph: 6454-9769 (D), 2414-6666, (O) Extn: 2242.
  • School of Bio-Science and Engineering - Ph:  2414-6567 (D), 2414-6666 (O) Extn. 2316.
  • School of Cultural Texts and Records - Ph: 2414-6666 (O) Extn. 2224.
  • School of Education Technology - Jupiter Building, Jadavpur University, Kolkata 700032. Ph: 2414-6129 (D), 2414-6666 (O).
  • School of Mobile Computing and Communication - Telefax: 2335-6122 (D).
  • School of Natural Product Studies - Ph: 2414-6046 (D), 2414-6666 (O) Extn. 2484
  • School of Oceanographic Studies - Ph: 2867-1048 (D), 2414-6666 (O) Extn. 2217
  • School of Water Resource Engineering - Ph: +033 2414-6161 (D), 2414-6666 (O) Extn. 2485. Fax: 2414-6161/6886
  • School of Women's Studies - Ph: 2414-6531 (D), 2414-6666 (O) Extn. 2445.
  • School of Nuclear Studies and Application.
  • School of Illumination Science, Engineering and Design - Ph: 2414-6616 (D), 2414-6666 (O) Ext. 2541.
  • School of International Relations and Strategic Studies - Ph: 2414-6666 (O) Extn. 2380.
  • School of Laser Science and Engineering - Ph. : 2414-6372 (D), 2414-6666 (O).
  • School of Linguistics and Language Technology.
  • School of Material Science and Technology - Ph: 6512-8636 (D), 2414-6666 (O) Extn. 2179.
  • School of Media Communication & Culture - Ph: 2414-6352 (D), 2414-6666 (O) Extn: 2351



  • Centre for African Literatures and Cultures.
  • Centre for Ambedkar Studies.
  • Centre for Cognitive Science.
  • Condensed Matter Physics Research Centre.
  • Centre for Counselling Services and Studies in Self-Development.
  • Centre for Computer-Aided Design.
  • Centre for Distributed Computing.
  • Centre for European Studies.
  • Hariprasanna Biswas Centre for India-China Cultural Studies.
  • Centre for Human Settlement Planning.
  • IC Design and Fabrication Centre.
  • Centre of Indology.
  • Centre for Knowledge Based Systems.
  • Centre for Marxian Studies.
  • Centre for Mathematical Biology and Ecology.
  • Centre for Medicinal Food and Applied Nutrition.
  • Centre for Microprocessor Applications for Training, Education and Research.
  • Nuclear and Particle Physics Research Centre.
  • Centre for Quality Management System.
  • Centre for Plasma Studies.
  • Centre for Refugee Studies.
  • Relativity and Cosmology Research Centre.
  • Centre for Quality Construction.
  • Sir C V RAMAN Centre for Physics and Music.
  • Centre for Sri Aurobindo Studies.
  • Centre for Surface Science.
  • Swami Vivekananda Centre for Technical Manpower Development.
  • Centre for Translation of Indian Literatures.
  • Welding Technology Centre.
  • Centre for Experiments in Social & Behavioural Sciences.
  • Centre for Canadian Studies.
  • Embedded System in Instrumentation.
  • Latin American Literature & Culture.
  • Centre for Theatre Studies.
  • Transportation Studies.
  • Yoga (Phy. Edn).
  • V. Ravi Chandran Centre for Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharm. Tech.).
  • IMPACT (Comp. Sc. & Engg.).



  1. Arts.
  2. Engineering and Technology.
  3. Science.


Hostels - The Main Hostel complex is situated outside the campus. There are 13 (4 for Girls and 9 for Boys) hostels with provision for accommodating over 1500 students. There is also an exclusive hostel for Research Scholars. A few Research Scholars are accommodated in the Old P. G. and New P.G. Hostels. Hostel Mess is conducted by the Students Mess Committee.

Library - The University has a Central Library which has about 4,12,002 volumes of books – textbooks, books of reference and books of general interest. Daily papers are also available along with subscription to about 1391 print and 2919 online journals. The University also has access to around 4500+ online journals more through INFLIBNET and INDEST Consortia. In total, the University Library has access to around 9000 Journals. The library subscribes to 15 databases which include Scopus, Econlit etc. and also about 850 E-books. The University library system comprises the Central Library, Salt Lake Campus Library, 33 Departmental Libraries under the Faculty of Arts, Science, Engineering and Technology, and also the Libraries attached with the Schools and Centres for studies. All the University departments have their own libraries stocking mostly textbooks. The Departmental Library has a book-bank from which books are issued for a long period at a time

Financial Assistance - It is provided in the below mentioned forms:

1.  Fee Concession - Concessions in fees, in terms of full and half- freeship, are awarded to needy and meritorious students of the day- courses on the recommendation of the departments. There is also a Provision for covering a maximum of 10% of students with full- freeship. After due notification by the Dean of Students, application forms are issued, at the beginning of the session, from the Information Office.

2.  Stipends - The University provides a lot of internal stipends including those sanctioned by the DPI office. Stipends are awarded on means-cum-merit basis. About 80 stipends can be distributed among the needy ones, one - fourth of which may possibly go to the 1st year students.

3.  SC/ST Physically Handicapped and B.ED. Physical Education Scholarship - These are provided to the mentioned. SC/St stipend application forms are available from the Bikas Bhavan, Salt Lake, Calcutta. Physically handicapped Scholarships applications forms are available from District Social Education Officer, Govt. of West Bengal, 26 & 26/7 Hindusthan Park, Calcutta -700029. Stipend / Scholarships forms for B.Ed. Physical Edn. (For students and deputed Teachers) are available from D.P.I Office.

4.  Other Scholarships - From the same office of D.P.I Special Scholarships forms are also available for other scholarships. Research Fellowship is facilitated by University's international collaborations with the various Universities/ Laboratories/ Organisations of the world through its departments, schools and centres in diverse forms of research and academic development programmes.

Some of these are:

  • EMEA - Erasmus Mundus is a scholarship programme for students on undergraduate, master, doctoral and post-doctoral level as well as for university staff in academic or administrative positions, financed by the European Commission.
  • SYLFF - Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund is a fellowship programme of The Nippon Foundation, a Japanese non-profit foundation administered by Tokyo Foundation under the approval of Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. It provides financial support and opportunities to the best and bright students, exhibiting leadership potential and intending to pursue higher education programs in the social sciences and humanities. JU-SYLFF Programme supports the education of students enrolled in MA and M.Phil and Ph.D degree programmes.

Student Support System & Free Studentship - These are provided to needy students by University Endowment Fund, Students Aid Fund operated by Students’ Union, Vice-Chancellor’s Discretionary Fund and through Specific NSS Programme.

Some of these are:

  • 22% and 6% of seats in the hostels are reserved for SC and ST students.
  • 3% reservation for the differently able in all the hostels is mandatory. For the support services such as Braille books and equipment, audio books, purpose-built ramps, wheelchairs and toilets and special learning software are available at the Special Education and HEPSN Cell.
  • There is reservation for sports persons in the undergraduate courses up to a maximum of 2% of the total intake.

Health Care - There are 2 Health Centres - University Health Centre (in the university) and Student's Health Home. Various specialists visit the centres and attend to the needy students.Consultation and Medicines are all free of cost at the Centre but at the Health Home, only nominal charges are made for the medicines supplied, investigations and for the hospitalization there. Student’s Health Home is situated at Moulali near Sealdah in Central Kolkata.

ASC - Academic Staff College of Jadavpur University is located in Salt Lake Campus, Kolkata. It is supported by UGC. The college conducts specially designed Academic Staff Orientation programmes for the newly appointed lectures and Refresher Courses for serving teachers to keep abreast of the latest advances in various subjects,

ARTNeT - Department of Economics, Jadavpur University is an ARTNeT Member. ARTNeT is an informal and open network of research and academic institutions with a strong interest in trade and investment policy and facilitation issues. Institutions involved in the network are classified as ARTNeT Members, Core Partners, and Associate Partners. It is an initiative of UNO. It conducts research and provides training.

Continuing Education - Some of the courses offered by the Adult & Continuing Education and Extension Centre are EDP Operation Course for Deaf and Physically Handicapped (in collaboration with Silence), Home Based Training Programme For Cerebral Palsied Children (in collaboration with Spastics Society of Eastern India) etc.

Foreign Students - Indian Council of Cultural Relations, a Central Govt. Organisation, is entrusted with the duty of looking after the foreign students in India. I.C.C.R's Regional Office is at 25 Camac Street, Calcutta-16.

Exchange Programs - Jadavpur University has collaborations with various universities all over the world. Some of these are - Newcastle upon Tyne - UK, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK.  

Canteen - There are 2 Canteen, Students Canteen and C.E.T Canteen.

Special Education & HEPSN Cell - These provide special education to people who are physically, mentally, socially and economically challenged. HEPSN stands for Higher Education for Persons with Special Needs.

Some of the programs offered by it:

  • Certificate in Fundamentals in Computer Applications.
  • Certificate in Fundamentals in Computer Applications, Part I (for visually impaired).
  • Certificate in Fundamentals in Computer Applications, Part II (for visually impaired).
  • Communicative Languages (English & Bengali).

Address - Gate No 3 (Beside Jadavpur University Post Office), Opposite to TEQIP Building, Green Zone. Contact No.s - (033) 2414 6102 & (033) 2414 6666 (extn 2347).

Placement - About 100 companies come each year for campus recruitment during pre final year. Rate of placement from campus is around 80%.

Employment Bureau - The Government has established an Employment Bureau on the campus. It helps in registering the students' names for employment, thus avoiding long queues at the Employment Exchange.

Factory Training - Adequate arrangements have been made for intensive factory visits and vocational training at the factories.

Alumni Association - Alumni Association has its branches in all-important cities of India, and even in the U.S.A., U.K., Australia. The Alumni Association extends all possible help, to the University Community at large and specially to the young students.


  • As per NISTADS Report - JU Ranks 1st among top Engineering and Technology Universities and 6th among the Universities and Institutions in India.
  • As per NISTADS Report - JU is ranked 2nd in number of publication and 4th in performance index among the Indian Universities.
  • JU Ranks 14th among top 35 S&T Research Institutions in India.
  • The University Grants Commission (UGC) of India has identified the University as one the first five universities in the country with "Potential for Excellence".
  • The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has accorded the highest grading and accredited the University with "five star" status.
  • The University was nominated the lead institution for the Word Bank funded programme TEQIP in 2005.
  • The Ministry of Human Resource Development identified the Faculty of Engineering and Technology as one of the seven major Indian centres specializing in technology.
  • The British Library granted three projects to the University in 2007 under its Endangered Archives Programme. No university in the world, except one in China, has been awarded so many.

Information compiled from: About Jadavpur University - website


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