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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Hyderabad

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Hyderabad

Kandi, Sangareddy, Hyderabad, Telangana 502285, India
City: Hyderabad
State: Telangana
Contact No: 040-23016033, 23016033, 23016026
Email: acad@iith.ac.in
Established: 2008
Type: Government

About Institute

About Indian Institute of Technology - IIT Hyderabad

IIT Hyderabad admitted the first batch of 111 B.Tech. students, and started functioning on August 20, 2008. The institute is running the following degree programs: B.Tech., M.Tech. and Ph.D. Three departments, CSE, EE & ME were initiated. In January 2009, IIT Hyderabad admitted 11 PhD students. On february, 27, 2009, the foundation stone of IIT Hyderabad was laid by Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Hon'ble Chairperson of UPA. For the 2009-10 academic year, IITH will be admitting 120 B.Tech. students, 35 M.Tech. students and 10-15 Ph.D. students. The various academic departments in the institute offer course-based degree programs and also degree programs that are inclined towards research. The institute is located in its temporary premises in the quiet residential campus of Ordnance Factory Medak (OFMK) at Yeddumailaram (Medak District, Andhra Pradesh). The requisite infrastructure, namely hostels, classrooms, offices, recreation, sports, and medical facilities, are all located within the OFMK campus. IIT Hyderabad has a "No-Tolerance policy for Ragging" by IIT Hyderabad students and of IIT Hyderabad students, whether inside or outside the premises of the Institute

Location - The permanent campus is located on the National Highway 9 at Kandi village, near Sangareddy town, in Medak District, Andhra Pradesh.

Transportation - For check respective website.


  • Department of chemical engineering.
  • Department of chemistry.
  • Department of computer science and engineering.
  • Department of electrical engineering.
  • Department of liberal arts.
  • Department of mathematics.
  • Department of mechanical engineering.
  • Department of physics.


Hostel - Two students share a single room, which has enough space for 2 beds, 2 study tables and chairs, and 2 Godrej almirahs. The hostels have a TV room, a table-tennis room, computer room, and a game room where students can play carrom, chess and other indoor games.

Dining Facilities - Dining facility caters to all students of IITH. It is run by a private caterer. The Dining Hall is located in next to the Boys' Hostel and can accommodate about 130 students at one time. The food for the girls' hostel gets delivered everyday to them by the staff of the Dining Hall. There is also a small canteen at the institute and another dining hall called 'Little Place'.

Library - The IIT Hyderabad library offers a variety of books available to IITH students. The library holds about 1,200 acquisitions of academic books and about 200 acquisitions of non academic books. There are magazines, newspapers and DVD's also available for everyone's use at the Library. The library is kept open throughout the year except on government declared holidays. The current working hours are: Mon-Fri = 8.00 A.M. To 11.00 P.M. Sat-Sun = 9 A.M. To 5.00 P.M.

Research and development - From the very first year IITH has embarked on research and development; it received 2 funded projects: One on 'Development of high energy density li-on batteries for mobile applications' jointly with International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI). The second is a joint project with Kieo University and University of Tokyo on 'Information network for natural disaster mitigation and recovery'. IITH, through its Master Plan, has embarked on creating a signature campus which will provide the ambiance for fostering inventions and innovations.

Transport Facilities - The Patancheru depot located around 15km from the campus is one of the major bus depots. From here buses move to almost every part of the city. Railway stations, airport, and other major bus stands are easily accessible. Bus no. 502 keeps shuttling to and fro between Patancheru and ODF. Passenger trains can also be accessed from Sharkerpally station situated nearby. Buses leave for Shankerpally from the market place with good frequency.

Student Gymkhana - Student gymkhana aims to bring the students together for their mutual all-round development. All the students of IIT Hyderabad are members of the Student Gymkhana and they are bounded by the student gymkhana constitution and functions through its executive council. It also acts as a link between the administration and the students. It is a body whose aim is to make the students responsible and better citizens of the world.

Sports - The IITH students have been currently provided facilities for following sports: football, volleyball, cricket, basketball and athletics.

Student Mentor Program - The Student Mentor Program is launched at IIT Hyderabad for the Academic Year 2009-10 with a view to offer a student (undergraduate or post-graduate) at IIT Hyderabad a mechanism to interface with the real world. The interface is required in many fronts.

Laboratories & Workshops - Workshop is a place where students use the discipline, art and profession of acquiring and applying technical, scientific and mathematical knowledge to design and implement materials, structures, machines, devices, systems, and processes that safely realize a desired objective or inventions. Central Workshop contains: fitting shop, carpentry shop, welding shop, machine shop, plastics & frp shop, hydraulic and pneumatic shop, foundry shop, smithy shop, electrical circuits and wiring shop and electronic components and circuits shop. First year B-Tech students of all the branches have to undergo the workshop compulsorily. In the workshops the students are introduced to the various hand tools, power tools and machine tools, like drilling, milling, shaping, and turning, turning is the operation done on lathe. They are also introduced to use the measuring and marking tools for accurate dimensions. The students are acquainted with the joints like arc welding the form of permanent joint, gas welding, riveting are the forms of semi permanent joints, and use of nut-bolts, screws etc are the forms of temporary joints. In the FRP workshops students learn about the fiber reinforcement polymers which are extensively used in manufacturing of artificial human limbs, flower pots, and helmets etc.

Scholarships - For the students joining the Institute from July 2009 onwards, two scholarships will be available for students of each batch joining the Institute. So, in the next academic year (2009-10), 12 students will be receiving these scholarships. This commitment from the University of Tokyo towards IIT Hyderabad and the scholarships is expected to continue until the year 2018. The scholarships for the undergraduate students will be awarded to students with best academic record. For the first year students, the award will be based on the Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) in their I Semester at IIT Hyderabad. For the second, third and fourth year students, it will be based on their Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) up to the end of first year, second year and third year, respectively. For the students admitted in the academic year 2008-09, three scholarships each were offered to the students with the best academic record in the BTech programs in CSE, EE and ME.

Medical Services - Th institute is serviced by a 50 bedded Ordnance Factory Hospital (OFH).  It provides secondary level health care in five specialities like General Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Anaesthesiology and Pathology. Some Honorary Specialists are visiting the Hospital on certain days in a week in the following specialities: Paediatrics, ENT, Ophthalmology, Dentistry, Ultra-Sonalogy, and Cardiology. Radiology and other imaging investigations, Ultra-Sonography Facility and Upper-Gastro Intestinal Endoscope facilities are available in the Ordnance Factory Hospital. The OFH is situated opposite the Market area, just a few minutes walk from the Institute. To be eligible for treatment at the OFH, students and staff from IIT have to register at the Hospital and then will receive their Medical Booklet.


JENESYS - Japan - East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths, is a government of Japan initiative, with an aim to deepen the mutual understanding among the youth of the East Asian countries who will be the leaders of the next generation. IITH was included in the JENESYS 2009-2010 program. Based on the proposals and presentations, the administration of IITH along with the Japanese Government chose two B.Tech. students Apoorva. Athavale and V. Namratha, and one Ph. D. students, Ramachandrasekhar Kondapalli (Ph.D) for the internship program. The students undertook research in their areas of interest at Nissan Motor Company, Hitachi Limited and Suzuki Motor Company, for a period of two months from May '09 to July '09. Apoorva will be working on harnessing energy using quantum dots, Namratha on piezoelectric thin film sensors and Ramachandrasekhar on environmental and energy issues. This provides an opportunity for the young students to experience international research at its best.

TODAI-IITH scholarships - The ten students who received the TODAI Scholarships during 2008-09 were V. Namratha, B. Vivek, Apoorva M. Athavale, Yatharth H. Manuja, Vadrevu Srinivas, Yashwanth Yadavalli, M. Krishna Kalyan, Chitransh Chhalotre, B. Naga Sudha and C. Prasanth. As part of the collaboration with the Japanese Government and IIT Hyderabad, the University of Tokyo in association with Mori Seki Company Limited, Japan, offered the prestigious TODAI Scholarships to undergraduate students of IIT Hyderabad. As part of the agreement, in this academic year 2008-09, ten IITH students who joined the Institute in August 2008 received these scholarships (each of about Rs.1,00,000). As a special gesture, the ten scholarships will continue for this FIRST batch of undergraduate students, throughout their four years of the BTech program.

Information compiled from: Indian Institute of Technology - IIT Hyderabad - Website


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