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Career as a Fundraiser in India

 Career as a Fundraiser In India

Fundraiser - Fundraisers organize events and campaigns to raise money and other kinds of donations for an organization.  Mainly fundraisers are such as for the community, corporate, legacy, major gifts, trusts and events. In larger charities, they are likely to specialise in one particular source. And on the other hand, in smaller charities, a single fundraiser may cover several types of potential donors. Mostly all Fundraisers build successful relationships with supporters and they also work to raise awareness of the charity's work, aims and goals.


Eligibility Requirement to Become a Fundraiser

Educational Qualification
There is no special qualification required to become a fundraiser, though a qualification in social work and management (especially for senior-level positions) may come in handy.

How to become a Fundraiser in India ?

It is open to all graduates and those with an HND qualification and having a degree may give you an advantage when applying. For some posts, a degree is an essential entry requirement, and qualification or experience in marketing, media or business may also be helpful. They are accepted with relevant experience and employers consider relevant skills and experience to be more important than your subject of study.

Fundraiser Career Prospects

As all charities look favorably on experience in marketing, public relations, events, advertising, sales, and finance. Therefore, candidates need not have had long-term experience with one organization, nor is full-time experience expected. If they have voluntary work experience which provides evidence of their interest and commitment to working in the not-for-profit sector and gives an opportunity to develop valuable networks within the sector. Some larger charities offer internships, which can provide valuable work experience and sometimes lead to permanent posts.

  • Posts are normally advertised, but speculative applications are acceptable. Senior posts are often filled from the commercial sector.
  • Taking a fundraising training course is another route into a fundraising career, although these often form part of training within employment.
  • Employers sometimes favour short-term contracts with fundraisers, especially in event fundraising; so here they can also have opportunities.

Fundraiser Salary In India

Their salaries vary significantly depending on the size and location of the charity and the type of fundraising involved. Salaries may be good at some levels or for particular jobs, but pay in the charitable sector does not always reflect pay for equivalent private-sector jobs. In addition, they can earn incentives depending on how much funds you are able to raise. The starting salary of a fundraiser with an international organization is around Rs.15,000 per month. A city head can make about Rs.35,000 per month. Based on their performance and availability of positions in the organization, they can move up and become a team leader in a year and a senior team leader in the next couple of years.